Aug 7 th, 2015
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Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation (2015 movie)

When a movie starts with Tom Cruise hanging outside a plane, one expects the movie to be a bat-shit crazy, out-of-the-world action filled roller-coaster (NOT A SPOILER BTW)! Sadly, this movie does that, only in parts.

One kickass intro, one breath-taking heist and one of the finest car chases; that’s Rogue Nation for you. Ethan Hunt and IMF is being hunted down for doing more bad than good. At the same time, the syndicate is trying to kill Ethan (or are they really?). Thus follows the same old catching the bad guy, stealing classified information and mask removing, information stealing and car chasing debauchery. Mind you, the action is good, but the story is very weak, the villain is mediocre, at best and the end is very anticlimactic.


Tom Cruise, as usual, is an action god. Simon Pegg is hilarious as the sarcastic nerd, Renner and Baldwin are good in their respective roles. Special mention to Rebecca Ferguson. She is the perfect partner for Tom Cruise. She is the perfect Bond girl Bond movies never had!

Love it for Tom, Rebecca and those 3 action sequences. Everything besides that is all mediocre. Not worthy of all the hype!

To conclude, this is how I’d rate the MI series: 1 > 2 > 3 > 5 > 4

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